Medical Services

We offer a wide range of medical services and our dynamic healthcare team is dedicated to meeting the needs of our patients with a focus on best practice and positive patient outcomes.

Our multidisciplinary team includes Specialists, Nurses, Allied Health and Medical Officers rostered on-site 24/7. Our dedicated Discharge Planners can assist you to arrange, refer or recommence any services you may require on discharge.


The Memorial Hospital is proud to offer both inpatient and day Rehabilitation programs. With an individually tailored rehabilitation team and program to meet your specific needs, a hydrotherapy pool, fully equipped gyms and dedicated inpatient rehabilitation beds we are well placed to assist you to become as independent as possible.

We offer on-site rehabilitation specialising in orthopaedic, neurological, neurosurgical, reconditioning / restorative and cardiac rehabilitation.

We are committed to providing the best possible outcome for you and offer individually tailored programs. We aim to promote independence and your involvement and the involvement of your family and carers is crucial to progress.

Our rehabilitation team consists of:

  • Geriatricians
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Pharmacist (Inpatient only)
  • Physiotherapists
  • Rehabilitation Specialists
  • Specialist Nursing Staff (Inpatient only)
  • Therapy Assistants

If required your team may also include:

  • Chaplain
  • Dieticians
  • Discharge Planner
  • Psychologist (Neurological / Clinical)
  • Speech Pathologists
  • Social Workers

We offer a supervised, structured comprehensive Rehabilitation Program tailored to patients' individual needs. Our programs focus on:

  • Improving vigour / vitality
  • Improving physical performance
  • Reducing fatigue levels
  • Reducing fear and anxiety

    Services offered include:

    • Education regarding energy conservation and joint protection and falls prevention
    • Group based exercise
    • Hydrotherapy
    • Modern gym and exercise equipment

    Cancer Related Fatigue Program

    • Aimed at patients suffering from the effects of cancer and its treatments
    • Can assist to:
      • Improve mood
      • improve quality of life
      • physical confidence

    We offer a combination of individual and group therapy sessions:

    • Breakfast club
    • Education sessions
    • Energy conservation
    • Exercise program
    • Falls prevention strategies
    • Hydrotherapy
    • Posture and relaxation
    • Socialisation therapy

    Inpatient Rehabilitation Program

    Patients are encouraged to wear day clothes (as part of normal everyday activity), to facilitate safety, independence, comfort and participation in therapy sessions.

    In addition to personal toiletries, you should have the following clothes:

    • Any support aids ie, walking aids, hearing aids, glasses, pick up sticks
    • Bathers
    • Comfortable clothing such as tracksuit or shorts and t-shirt
    • Comfortable well fitting shoes / runners
    • Pyjamas and dressing gown
    • Slippers (enclosed / flat)
    • Underwear

    Day Programs

    • Bathers & towel (If doing hydrotherapy)
    • Comfortable clothing such as a tracksuit or shorts and a t-shirt
    • Well fitting shoes/runners

    How to access Rehabilitation

    Day rehabilitation services can be accessed via Private / Public Hospitals, Specialist or GP referral.


    Day Rehabilitation Referral form 

    Inpatient Rehabilitation Referral form 

    For further information contact:

    • Day Rehabilitation
      08 8366 3419
    • Inpatient Rehabilitation
      08 8366 3885


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